Liberation Theology and Land Reform Sculpture by Edilberto Merida
Shall ye alone dwell upon the Earth?

From Introducing Liberation Theology

From Wasteland to Promised Land:
Liberation Theology for a Post-Marxist World

  1. Land: The Hope of the Oppressed on Every Continent
  2. Latin American Colonialism and its Legacy of Bondage
  3. The Promised Land and the Promise of Land Reform
  4. Life in the Wasteland: The Just Society vs. Baal Worship
  5. Poverty in the Wasteland: The Preferential Option for the Poor
  6. Suffering in the Wasteland: Independence -- or In Dependency?
  7. Detours in the Wasteland: Marxism and Liberation
  8. Power in the Wasteland: Understanding Essential Relationships
  9. Claiming the Promised Land: A New Jubilee for a New World
  10. The Promised Land and the Kingdom of God

Biblical Economics

  1. The Year of Jubilee
  2. Laws Concerning Property
  3. Mishpat -- The Laws in Practice
  4. Naboth's Vineyard
  5. Baal -- The God of Landlords
  6. The New Testament
  7. Proclaim Liberty
  8. The Ongoing Jubilee
  9. The Church and the Land
  10. Appendix: From The Condition of Labor:
    An Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII
    by Henry George (1891)

LT Essays by Lindy Davies

  1. Ownership
  2. Value
  3. Capitalism
  4. Land
  5. The Sermon on the Mount

Epilogue: "The Dead Have Power Too."